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Looking to differentiate your bar from the rest, or to spice up your next private event? A great way to do so involves the wonders of pickle juice. Over the last decade, pickle juice’s popularity has grown rapidly in the alcohol industry.

By using pickle juice as a chaser or mixed in with different alcoholic drinks, it helps negate the burn and taste of the alcohol. Meanwhile, it also adds a different taste to the alcohol – an aspect that has recently been highly sought after.

Whether you are holding a private party or a special event, are looking to add to your restaurant or bar’s unique selection, or are simply curious about the taste of pickle juice, you won’t go wrong by buying excellent tasting pickle juice. Smashed Pickle only uses the highest quality of dill pickles, paired with the industry’s best techniques, to bring you perfect pickle juice.

Boost your Jameson or Tito’s cocktail

Have you ever thought of mixing up your Jameson or Tito’s cocktail with a little pickle juice? This infusion is one that not only tastes great, but has many benefits. Pickle juice has been known to provide important nutrients such as electrolytes and antioxidants for your body.

Jameson with pickle juice and Tito’s pickle juice cocktail is quickly growing in popularity as it provides a sweet, salty or bitter taste that helps to elevate the flavors of these two alcohols. Once you have experienced these must try combinations, you are sure to have your new go-to drink.

Give it a try today; you can thank us later.

Pickle Juice Cocktail